Taking Screenshot using gimp

We can use the gimp software to take screen shots just like any other. screen shot sfotware.To take a screen shot open gimp and click on

Screenshot_1 photo 1_screen_shot.jpg

A menu as shown below will pop up.

Screenshot_2 photo 2_screen_shot.jpg

The options available are: 1) Take screenshot of single window: This will allow us the take the screen shot of any of he open window by just clicking on it.
We can choose the ignore the decorations of the window that is the outer peripheral images of the widow by removing the tick mark from the option "Include window Decoration".

2) The second option is used when we want to take the screen shot of the entire screen, that is every thing visible on the desktop.

3)The third option is when we want to choose a specific area of the desktop for the screen shot. On selecting this we will be allowed to choose the area of which we want to take the screen shot.

All the above three options can be coupled with a dealy. That is, in the delay field if we mention "5", then gimp will start taking the action corresponding to your choice only after 5 seconds. For example if we choose "Take screenshot of entire screen and then say 5 as the delay, then after a dealy of 5 seconds which ever window will be open on the screen a screen shot of the same is create.

Once the screen shot has been taken, the same will displayed in the gimp. To save the screenshot click on

we can save the image in any of gimp supported formats i.e. jpg,png,gif etc for later use by adding the corresponding extention to the name or by choosing the file type from the list at he bottom left of the save as window.

 photo 6_save_as.jpg

Thus if we have gimp we really don't need any snap shot taking software at all.

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