Viewing thumbnails of xcf using linux.

When we create images using the gimp, the default format in which the images get saved are .xcf. eXperimental Computing Facility.

The .xcf files, though they have images, are not visible as thumbnails and are shown as below even in the thumbnail view.

xcf no thumbnail photo no_xcf.png

To be able to view the .xcf files in thumbnail view properly in gnome, we need to install the package

gnome-xcf-thumbnailer i.e run the command

or search for the package in the the synaptic package manager and install te same.
Once the package gets installed, log out of the system and login. Now open the folder that has the xcf file and we should be able to view the thumbnail of the xcf file as shown below.

 photo xcf_thumb.png


  1. test your commands next time.
    remove the period here.

    1. Thanks for pointing out the typo.
      All commands posted here are tested.


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