Finding trignometric inverse in gcalctool in linux

Most linux distros come with gcalctool as the default calculator. It is not obvious on first look as how to find the inverse of trignometric terms in gcalctool. Here is how we can do it.

This is the default look of the gcalctool.

 photo gcalc.png

Let us say we want to find arcsin(0.9)

Type sin or press the sin button

 photo gcalc_sin.png

Now press the up arrow, which is the second button from left in the first row and then type -1.

 photo gcalc_inv.png

Now press the up arrow again to come out of superscript mode.

Now enter the value 0.9 and press enter.

 photo gcalc_sin_inv.png

And we have the angle in degrees for arcsin(0.9)

 photo gcalc_angle.png

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