Flash not working in iceweasel

If the some update of iceweasel has broken the flash in iceweasel,and all flash sites stop working , we might see the following message in the page Tool->Addons->plugins

The link given in the page to update the flash might be broken.

The workaround for this is to update the flash with the latest one from

Select the .tar.gz version for debian systems. Close all instances of iceweasel and Untar the downloaded package.

After the untar, we will get a folder named usr, a file and a file readme.txt.

We need to copy the file to the folder which contains the plugins for iceweasel.

For mozilla copy it to .

Now launch iceweasel and the problem with flash should not occur.

cc1: all warnings being treated as errors

While compiling big source codes, written in C, most often using make, we can pass many options called as flags, to gcc compiler, to control the behaviour of the compiler while compilation.

Encountering warnings in any code is common, but some times while running the make command we might hit the error.

This is because the compiler has been instructed not to ignore the warnings and treat all the warnings as errors. This is done by passing the options -Werror to gcc compiler. Ignoring warnings in bigger codes is not considered a good practice and to avoid the same the -Werror option is used.

For example the make file could have a like passing the options as below.

We can see that the last option is -Werror. This flag causes the error that we saw above. So if we do not want to treat warnings as errors, we just need to remove -Werror from the list of Target Flags. But be careful, it might not be the wisest thing to do.

bzr: ERROR: Not a branch:

If you are trying to create a u are in the local branch of bazaar or for that matter any software code, we might get teh following error we try to pull the latest revision

For a newbie one of the common reason for this error could be simple fact that we are in the wrong folder.

Just change the folder to the folder in which the source of the code is stored in. For example if we ran the command

Then the source will be in the folder test, so before running the pull command first change the folder to test and then run pull command.

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