Rendering a calendar in gimp

To create a calendar from any image we want we need to be able to render the dates with the days on the image and make it appear seemeless. This can be achieved using gimp and its calendar plugin. The calendar plugin can be downloaded from

Once you have downloaded the file, place it in the file

(the above path could be different if your gimp version is different)

Now launch gimp and open the image on which we want the calendar by clicking on

 photo 1.png

To render the calendar click on

 photo 2.png

This should launch a window with options for the calendar as shown below.

 photo 3.png

The options available are

Language: We can choose from the different languages in the pull down menu
Month: The month for which we want the calendar
Year: Year for which we want the calendar
Day Format: The format in which the days of the week should be displayed. We can choose from the three available formats.
Layout: The layuot of the dates in the calndar. There are four differrent layout available.
Text and number fonts.
font size
Border Width: Width of the borders of the cells in which numbers will be placed.
Border Color: Color of the border of the cells.
Date Position: Position of the numbers in the cells.

The color of the numbers will be the same as the color that has been set in gimp.

Click on OK and let the script create the calendar. Once the script finishes, we should have an image as shown below.

 photo 4.png

We can see that we have two extra layers above our image. These are for the borders and the dates. We can resize the calendar on the image by first merging these two layers into one.

 photo 6.png

Then resizing the layer to the size that we wanted.

 photo 7.png

To save the image with the calendar click on

Enter the file name and choose the filetype to export to.

Final image with out resize of calendar

 photo 5.png

With resize

 photo 8.png

More information at

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