Creating superscript and subscript font in Libreoffice

We need to use the following steps to turn a text to a superscript or subscript in libreoffice

Let us say we have the text Super Script 4, and we want to transfer the number 4 into a super script.

 photo super_script_1.png

First select the text that has to be made into super script and then right click as shown below.

 photo super_script_2.png

Select the option "character" which will pop out a menu with multiple tabs as shown below.

 photo super_script_3.png

Select the tab titled "position". In this tab under the heading "position" we will notice three options

To turn the text into superscript select the superscript option and click on OK.

To turn the text to subscript select subscript.

If we select the text will automatically turn into superscript as shown below.

By default the text gets raised/lowered by 33%, if we want to change the amount of raising/lowering of the text,then go back to the menu where we selected the superscript/subscript.

On right side to the options of position of the text we will notice options as shown below.

 photo super_script_5.png

Uncheck the option "Automatic" and then enter the percentage of raise in the text box provided next to "Raise/lower by" to change the amount of raise. The following is after changing the amount of raise to 80%

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