Right click to launch terminal in ubuntu gneome

Aim: To add the open terminal option in the right click menu, and launch terminal from the same location where we are presently in the GUI. 

If you want to open a terminal in the same folder where you are present in the GUI then you will have to use nautilus-open-terminal.

For eg: In the GUI you are in the folder /home/user1/office/
you want to open a terminal that opens such that it directly opens with its "pwd" as /home/user1/office.
Then you would need to install the nautilus-open-terminal package.

To install the package open the terminal and type

sudo nautilus-open-terminal.

Reboot your system, and voila... right click in any folder you are working in.
You will see an option  "open terminal", click on it and a terminal will pop up, working in the same folder.

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