Taking a screenshot from command line in gnome

The command

Allows us to cpature screenshot of our screens from the command line itself and it is a pretty flexible commnad too . If just the command is exectued with no arguments, the whole screen is captured and the screenshot gets saved in the folder, with the name having the date and time when it was cpatured.


If we want to save the file to with a specific name we can pass the command line option -f , we can also define the path along with the name to change the folder into which it will get saved.

The above command will save the screenshot in folder Docments under the home folder with the name my_screenshot.

The option -c on the other hand, will not save the file at all, instead it copies the screenshot to the clipboard, which we can paste directly into a document or presentation etc.

Instea of capturing the full screen, if we need to capture a specific area on the screen we can pass the optinon -a

This will allow us to choose the area that has to be captured using our mouse.The -a option combined with -f option will allow us to save the chosen area in the required fodler with the required name.

We can also cause the screenshot to be cpatured after a certain delay from the time the command is executed using the option -d along with the delay in seconds.

The above command will cause a screenshot to be captured after a delay of 10 seconds. The -d and -a option can not be passed at the same time, but -f can be passed with -d to save the screenshot in the required destination.

The current active window can be captured using the option -w, and the while capturing the active window, if we do not want the border of the window it can be removed using the option -B.

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