Processor and its Speed

Clock Speed

Antie: Hi, tiny how are you today.
Tiny: Doing greaty Antie, so did you buy the laptop.
Antie: Oh no, not untill I understand every bit of the terms that they have on their pamplets.
Tiny:(laughing) You are always the curious one arn't you.
Antie: Well sure I am.Ok Tiny, you told me what RAM is all about and why it is better to have more RAM than less.
       Now there is another term that I have seen a lot, processor and attached with it is always a number, some thing like 2GHz etc.
Tiny: A processor is like the brain Antie. It is what that controls every thing with in your computer. Just as every thing that we think is using our brain, every thing that a computer is controlled by the processor.
Anite: That is very interesting, I always wondered how is that the computers are so smart and seem to do every thing by themselves. Now I know who does the job.
Tiny: Yes Antie, with out a processor a computer would just be a dumb box.
Antie: Hmmm, then what is number attached to it.
Tiny: We can say it is like the speed of thinking. The faster we think the faster we can work isn't it.
Anite: Yes, I always used to be the first to solve the Maths problems in class.
Tiny: You were always a smart one Antie. The number attached with the processor is called as the clock speed. The higher the clock speed the faster the   processor can do its job. The faster your computer will work.
Anite: Ah, so if we want a computer that works fast we should by one with a higher speed atacehd with the processor.
Tiny: Yes, Antie. But just the processor speed will not help. Remeber the RAM? Even if you can think fast but there is no space to keep your files on the table then what is the use. Same way even if you have a processor with high speed but there is no RAM to give it data quickly, your computer will still    work slowly.
Anti: Yes, that makes sense. So we need to have a high speed processor and a big size of RAM too to make the compute work fast.
Tiny: Exactly Antie.

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