Enabling Atheros Ethernet controller on ubuntu (AR8151)

If you have installed ubuntu in your system and it has a Atheros network controller ,your network card will not be detected.

If you don't know what enternet controller is present run the command

lshw -class network 

It should list out all the network controllers present, if you see Atheros/Attansic in the list then do the following to enable your card. 

The ubuntu distros by default don't have the drivers for the Atheros/Attansic drivers and hence need to be installed. 
Download the package from
(this works for AR8151, might work for all 81 series too) .
NOTE: The link is not working any more after take over of atheros by qualcomm. Will update once I get the correct link.
Please refer to the comment by kodb for update
Thanks for the update NO the driver can be downloaded from

Once you have downloaded the .gz  pacakage, put it into a empty folder and run the following commands Your network should be recognized now, have fun :-)

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