Configuring NTLMAPS on fedora

If you have an internet connection that runs behind a proxy , you could face problems installing packages using yum.
To work around this problem you can use ntlmaps
You can download the ntlmaps rpm from

After downloading open a terminal and go to the directory where you have placed the file and run the command

tar -xzvf  ntlmaps- 

cd ntlmaps-  (or what ever folder got created after untar)

Open a file by the name server.cfg using the "vi" or"gedit" 

Update the following fields as required for your network. 






Save the file and quit. 

In the folder ntlmaps- run the command 

python &

You should see something like :

NTLM authorization Proxy Server v0.9.9
Now listening at ....... on port 5865

Press enter to get back your prompt. 

To start using yum run the following commands 

export http_proxy=
export ftp_proxy=

If every thing has worked fine, try 

yum update 

It should be able to get the updates. 

Note: If you use the above method, the ntlmaps will run only in the terminal where   you have run the export commands and the "python " command. 

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