Ubuntu 10.04 no login prompt

Problem: Ubuntu 10.04 boots till the login music comes but after that the login prompt does not appear.

The solutions found online for similar problems are

reconfiguring gdm
Uninstall and reinstall GDM
run fsck on the filesystem.

But none of them solved my problem .

After going through all the possible logs in the system, found a possible pointer to the problem, zlib-1.2.5
I had installed  zlib-1.2.5 from source as it was required for the qemu.
After uninstalling zlib and rebooting the system, every thing was back to normal :-). Here are the steps to be followed. 

 Once the system booted to the first screen with no login prompt

1. Hit cntrl+alt+f1 to go to the text mode login. 
2. login in the text mode with your credentials
3. change directory to where the zlib source is located
4. run the command "sudo make uninstall"
5. now reboot using "sudo reboot"

Your login prompt back, have fun :-) 

Note: This solution might or might not work for you as it depends on what caused your problem

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