Custom keyboard shortcuts in ubuntu

Creating a custom keyboard shortcut

Let us look at how can we create a custom keyboard shortcut to launch an application in ubuntu. As an example let us try to create a shortcut to launch the firefox browser using a keyboard shortcut.

1. Open a terminal and run the command "goconf-editor"

2. Go to apps->metaciy->keybinding_command
    on the right side you will see a list command_1, command_2 ..etc.

3. Double click on command_1 option which should launch a small window where you need to enter the command to launch the application you want the shortcut for.

4. The command to launch firefox from command line is "firefox", hence enter "firefox" in the space provided and click "ok".

5. Now go to "global_keybindings" under "metacity"

6. On the left window search for the option "run_command1" ( If  in the 3rd step you choose any other number of command go to the run option of that command number).

7. Double click on the option and enter the shortcut you would like to use to launch firefox. Let us say you want to launch firefox every time "Alt+m" is pressed then enter "m" .

8. Close the configuration editor and its done.

9. Press Alt+m any where in your system and it should launch firefox automatically.

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