Determine are you running on battery through command prompt

If you are running in the text mode and want to find out if your laptop is running on battery or on ac power you can use the command "on_ac_power".
The command returns "0" if laptop is running on ac power, 1 if it is runnning on battery and 255 if it can not determine.
For eg:

$ ac_on_power
$ echo $? 

Thus the laptop is running on ac power.
You can use the following script to make the output look more user friendly.


if  [  $? -eq 0  ]
echo "Running on ac power"
elif  [  $? -eq 1  ]
echo "Running on Battery"
echo "Can not detemine" 

Save the script as and run it as follows.

$ sh 
Running on ac power

Thus giving the required information in more readable format.

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