Download from gnuarm site keeps getting disrupted

The attempt to download the binary or the source of arm cross compiler from the site keeps getting disrupted on my system.

Even if the size of the file is 30MB the download stops automatically after downloading 5 to 10MB and indicates that the download is complete.

I am not sure if the issue is with my network or something else, because the network seems to be uninterrupted. I tried different browsers too and still the same result.

The workaround that did work for me was to use "wget" command line tool .

Right click on the download link in the page and click on "copy link location"

Now open a terminal and go the folder where you want to save package.


and hit enter.

This should more often than not be able to download the file, and even in case the connection does get closed before the download is complete you can continue it from where it got disrupted by passing the flag "-c" to wget i.e.

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