Answers to linux scripting quiz -1

Here are the answers to linux scripting quiz-1

1. #! is called as
Ans. shebang

2. Which of the following is not a kind of shell
Ans. dsh

3. [ is eqvivalent to
Ans. test

4. The difference between printf and echo is
Ans. Echo adds a new line after printing, printf does not

5. ". " is used to match
Ans. Any one character

6. Which of the following symbols is used as prefix to access the value of variables in scripting
Ans. $

7. The comparison operator " -eq " is used for
Ans. Numbers

8. A comment line in a script begins with
Ans. #

9. Every line in a shell script ends with
Ans. There is no rule

10. Scripts are made executable using the command
Ans. chmod

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