Anwers to Linux quiz - 1

Here are the answers to the quiz "Linux quiz -1"

1. What option of "ls" gives the listing according to the modified time
Ans. t

2. In which folder of linux filesystem does ".." and "." point to the same folder
Ans. /

3. The "-p" option of mkdir
Ans. Creates parent as well as it subfolders at the same time

4. Which option in "cat" adds line numbers to everyline in the output
Ans. n

5. The /bin directory generally holds
Ans. Executables

6. The output of "pwd" is what kind of path
Ans. Absolute Path

7. Which of the following is not a type of linux shell
Ans. crsh

8. ----- can change the password of a user
Ans. The user and the root

9.The output of the command "tac " is
Ans. The contents of the file in reverse

10. Which command changes the permissions of a file
Ans. chmod

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