Animated gif image of linux using gimp

Here are steps of how we can create the following animated linux gif image using gimp.

Note: This was created using gmip 2.6.10

Open gimp and go to

This will show a menu as shown below.
In the field marked "text" , enter L, choose the font size that you would like and then click on the gradient to pick the color gradient you wish for the text.

The animation shown below uses the incandescent.

This will create a image as shown below.

Save the image as L.jpg. While saving remeber to take the file type as .jpg.

Following the same steps create the other images with the following text

Now Open gimp again.

choose the size of the template you want, (Base it on the size of the font that you have created).

Now drag and drop the 4 jpg images that we created above in the order

Download an image of tux, the penguin, from net if you want to and add that too to the gimp.

You should see all the six images in six layers as shown below.

Now to create an animation using these layers, click on save as and choose the image type to be .gif and add the extention to the name while saving as shown below

Before saving a window will appear, confirming whether you want to save as animation or just as an image, choose save as animation, and click on export

In the next window shown below, you can choose how much dealy should be given between every frame. The more delay you give the slower the animation will look. Check the loop for ever button to keep running the animation infinietly and click on save.

Now your gif animated image should be ready.

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