Transfrming a photo to an old looking photo

We can use gimp to make any photo look like as if it was taken many years ago, in the days of black and white cameras.

To turn any photo into an old photo, open gimp and open the photo in gimp using


1_old_open photo 1_open.jpg

Let us take this as the example photo.

image photo 2_image.jpg

Now click on

filters->decor->old photo

3_old_photo photo 3_old_photo_menu.jpg

This will prompt a menu as below

4_old_menu photo 4_old_menu.jpg

The options are :

defocus: To reduce the focus of the image to make it appear slightly blurred as in older photos

sepia: To remove the colors of the photo make it appear almost balck and white.

Mottle: To add dotted effects on the photo.

work on copy: To make sure that the original image is not modified check this option so that gimp creates a new image modified as required.

After selecting the required options click on ok and wait for gimp to finish its work.

Soon gimp will launch a new window with the modified image as below. (The sepia option has been selected)

5_old_final photo old_sepia.jpg

Thus making a new color photo appear as if it were a many years old photo.

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