5 useful tips for nautilus users

Here are 5 useful tips to get your work done faster when using nautilus,the genome desktop manager. 1.Split windows:

We are always used to viewing only a single window and generally use alt+tab to switch between multiple open windows. But nautilus has an option using which we can have two windows open side by side as shown below.

nautilus_split photo split.png

To open the two windows at the same time, just open nautilus and press F3 and the window will automatically split into two windows, and both of them can be controlled independently.

Press F3 again to go back to single window mode.

2. Open-Terminal:

For people who work on the terminal a lot, it might be useful to directly open a terminal in the same folder which is being displayed by nautilus. For e.g. in the following figure nautilus is at "/root" if we right click and click on open in terminal then the terminal will open with its present working directory as /root.

open_in_terminal photo open_in_terminal.png

If the option "open in terminal" is not visible, then we will have to install the package "nautilus-open-terminal".

3. Change the view: We can change the view of the nautilus using the keyboard shortcuts

cntrl + 1 : Icons view

nautilus_icon photo icon.png

cntrl + 2 : List View

nautlus_list photo list.png

cntrl + 3 : Compat view .

nautilus_compact photo compact.png

4. Direct Delete: When we right click on any file or folder in nautilus we get an option "move to trash", which is what is used to delete a file or a folder. On using this option the chosen file/s are moved to trash and then we have to empty trash to get rid of the files permanently.

nautilus_to_trash photo to_trash.png

We can enable another option in the right click which will directly delete the file without moving it to trash. Click on

Click on the tab "Behavior"

direct_delete photo direct_delete.png

In this tab click on the check box for "Include a delete command that bypasses trash"

direct_delete_menu photo direct_delete_menu.png

Now click on close and right click on any file or folder to find an additional option called as "delete". But be careful while using this option as once a file is deleted using this option it can not be recovered.

5. Adding bookmarks:

The left pane in nautilus generally displays links to Documents,Music,Pictures,Videos,Downloads. Other and these we can add folder,that we access often, to the pane either by simply dragging and dropping the folder into the pane or by clicking on

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