Answers to Quiz on chapter 1 of book Linux Device Drivers

Here is the solution to the Quiz on chapter 1 of book Linux Device Drivers

1. A device driver provides
Ans: Policy

2. A piece of code that can be added to kernel at runtime is called as
Ans: Module

3. /dev/conosle is a
Ans: Character Device

4. To link an object code dynamically to the running kernel we can use the command
Ans: insmod

5.Who is allowed to load modules into the kernel ?
Ans: Superuser

6.The linux is versioned under which license ?
Ans: GNU GPL 2

7.Which of the following is not a class of devi ce
Ans: String

8.Third party softwares should be treated with care to take care of the
Ans: Security of kernel

9.Is it possible to compile the linux kernel with not support for modules ?
Ans: Yes

10.Linux supports only i386 architecture true or false ?
Ans: False

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