Adding "Open as administrator" to the nautilus context menu

In Linux the root acts as the administrator of the system and a number of operations like installation of new software,update of kernel etc can be performed only by the root of the user having the admin privileges.

Files that are created by the root or the admin can only be modified by admin only and no user is allowed to modify the files

While working on the terminal we can use the command sudo to get admin privileges but while working with GUI we usually do not have any option to use sudo command, thus we might have to learn the commands to open files from the terminal to be able to open files as the admin or root.

The work around for this in nautilus is to install the package

Once this package is installed, we get an option "open as administrator" in right click menu as shown in the figure below.

Thus with this option we can open any file as root of the admin with out having to use the terminal.

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