Quiz on chapter-2 of book Linux Device Drivers

Quiz on chapter-2 of book ldd3

Quiz on chapter-2 of book ldd3

  1. Function passed to module_init is invoked when

  2. Module is loaded into the kernel
    Module is removed from the kernel
    Module is compiled
    Module is deleted from the kernel

  3. The utility used to compile kernel modules is

  4. made

  5. A module can not call functions defined in

  6. libc
    With in the module
    Another module

  7. A module always runs in the

  8. Kernel space
    User space
    User Space and kernel Space
    Module space

  9. current returns a pointer to

  10. struct task_struct
    struct current
    struct task
    struct kernel

  11. struct task_struct is defined in

  12. linux/sched.h

  13. The option -C passed to make causes it to

  14. Compile the module
    Change the directory
    Create object file
    Clean the object file

  15. modporbe not only loads the module passed to it but also

  16. Loads other modules present in the current working directory
    Removes any older modules with the same name
    Loads other modules on which the given module depends
    Restarts the system

  17. command to list the currently loaded modules in the kernel is

  18. listmod

  19. module compiled for one kernel version can not be loaded into kernel of other version.

  20. True
    True Sometimes
    Depends on the module

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