QR code: GUI tool for encoding decoding QR codes in linux

In the post "QR code: Encode and Decode QR code on linux command line" we saw usage of a command based tool to create QR codes in linux. Let us have a look at a GUI based tool for the same.

QTQR is gui a tool to create QR (Quick Response) code. We will need to install the tool qtqr

Once installed we can launch the tool from GUI in debian under Applications->graphics->QTQR

 photo app_menu.png

We can launch it from terminal using the command qtqr

This will launch a window as shown below.

 photo screen1.png

To create a QR code we can choose what kind of string we want to encode using the pull down menu at the left top as shown below.

 photo data_type.png

Once selected we can enter the text in the text below at the left and then click on "save QR code" at the right bottom and save the QR image.

 photo screen2.png

The QR image for the text "Hello" would look as below.

 photo Hello.png

To decode a QR code using QTQR click on decode at the right corner. While selecting decode we can either choose a file or choose an image being viewed by a webcam. To test the decode, point to the same QR image of "hello" that we created above and click on open.

 photo hello_decoded.png

As we can see the tool has correctly decoded the image.

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