Creating checkerboard image using gimp

Here is how we can create a checker board background or an image of checker board using gimp. Launch gimp and create a new image by selecting file->new.

 photo gimp_new.png

Select the size of the image that is reqiured. In this post we will use the sizw 640X480.

 photo gimp_new_temp.png

Once the new blank image is created, select the menu Tools->GEGL operation

 photo gimp_tools_gegl.png

In the pull down menu for operations select the option checkerborard.

 photo gimp_gegl_options.png

The follwing menu should appear.

 photo gimp_cheker_options.png

Width: Width of the boxes

Height: Height of the boxes

X offset:Defines from where does the boxes start from at the left margin

Y offset: Defines from whese does the boxes start from at the bottom.

Color,Other color: These can be used to set the colors for the boxes

Click on OK to create a checkerboard image, which we can export as an image or use it as a background for other layers.

 photo gimp_checker.png

Final image:

 photo checker.jpg

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