Hot corners fot configuring cinamon desktop

In cinnamon GUI, we can configure the corners of our desktop to behave the way we want. That is when we move the cursor to any of the four corners of the desktop we can make the system behave in a specific way. For example every time we move the cursor to left corner all windows get minimized and the desktop is shown, or all the active windows are popped up on the screen.

This is possible by use of the Hot corners application.

In cinnamon this is available under preferences as shown below.

 photo in_menu.png

Once we lauch the hot corners application we will be presented with a window as shown below.

 photo hot_corner_window.png

We can see there are four corners highlighted and for each corner there is separate set of activation options. for example let us say we want to view the desktop every time we move the mouse the left top corner of the desktop. In the left top corner of the hot corner window click on the menu and select the option "Show the desktop" .

 photo hot_corner_options.png

There are two check boxes provided below, First one is to show an icon on the desktop which when clicked will behave as we have decided. The second checkbox when enabled will enable the selected behavior when we hover the mouse at the corner.

We can also choose to run a specific command when we move the mouse to a corner by choosing the "Run a command" option from the menu and then entering the command in the text box provided. This can be used for applications that we use very often, like libreoffice or firefox etc.

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