qemu : ram disk creation fails

While trying to boot a windows vmdk file from vmplayer/workstation using qemu using the command

The following error prevented the boot of windows

The workaround for this is which worked was using the -m option to increase the memory as shown below.

The windows should boot now.

Scilab blank plots in debian

If you are facing the problem of blank plot screen in scilab, here is a solution that worked for me.
The problem is probably because of a mesa library that needs to be updated. But the update of mesa library brok my GUI in debian 8. So the solution that works is to update the kernel too, to the latest version using backports.

Add the following repository to the file /etc/apt/sources.list

Update the package list

Search for the available linux-images using

See the latest kernel available, and install the same using the command

Reboot the system, and to verify if the latest kernel version is booted you can run the command

Open the synaptic package manager and search for mesa. If any updates are availane for the mesa related libraries, update the same. Now if you launch scilab or xcos the plots should appear properly.

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