Addng border to an image using gimp in linux

Here is how we can use gimp to add border to any image. For example to the image below we can add a colored border

 photo DSC00302.jpg

The image with border will look as below.

 photo simpler_border.jpg

The color of the border and the thickness can be configured as given below.
Open gimp, and click on

 photo 1_file_open.jpg

Then browse the image to which the border has to be added and click on open.

 photo 2_image.jpg

The image will open in gimp as a layer. Now click on

 photo 3_border.jpg

A menu as shown below will open.

 photo 4_border_menu.jpg

The first two options are the thickness of the border in the x and y directions respectively.
The third option is to choose the color for the border.

The fourth option allows us to choose the spread of the color. By default the color will be evenly spread, but if a higher number is given here the spread will be uneven with darker at certain places and lighter at the other.

Now click on OK.

Gimp will create the border for the image.

 photo 5_final.jpg

Now to save the image in jpg format, click on

file->save as

In the window that opens Enter a filename, and choose the file type as jpg among the options in the right corner.

 photo 6_save_as.jpg

Click on save,a window will be shown prompting you to confirm if you want to export the image to jpg format. click on export.

 photo 7_export.jpg

In the next window the image quality can be controlled by choosing the appropriate number against the quality and click on save.

 photo 8_save.jpg

The image with the border should be ready.

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