Creating blend effect using gimp

Using gimp we can create animated gif image with a blending effect, that is one image blends into another as shown below.

 photo linux_is_freedom.gif

Here is how we can create the above animation in gimp.

First we need the images we need to use for the blend effect, in the above animation we have used the following three images created using gimp itself.

 photo linux.jpg

 photo is.jpg

 photo Freedom.jpg

They can be created using the logo creation tool available under file->create->logos and the above effect is glossy.

Once the images are ready, open gimp.

click on

choose a template size bigger than the biggest of the images to be used in animation and click on ok.

Drag and drop the images into gimp in the order in which the images have to appear in the animation.

For the above animation we will drop "linux.jpg" first, then "is.jpg" and then ""freedom.jpg".

 photo layers.jpg

Now click on

 photo blend_menu.jpg

The following menu will appear.

 photo blend_options.jpg

The number of intermediate frames decide how slow the transition from one image to another should happen. In the above animation we have chosen the number to be 20 to make the transition happen slowly.

The blur option is to choose how much should the image blur before appearing and disappearing, the above animation has 0 blur. Click on "ok" and wait for gimp to do the magic. Once done we should see a new window as follows.

 photo after_blend.jpg

To preview the animation click on

Click on the play button to see the animation. If the animation is satidfactory close the preview and save the animation by clicking on

Enter the name and add the extension .gif example blend.gif

save_as photo save_as.jpg

A menu as below will be shown, click on save as animation and click on export

export_animation photo export_animation.jpg

In the next window we can choose the delay between individual frames, but in this case we can leave it as default and click on save and the animation should be ready.

final_save photo final_save.jpg

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