Installing xfce on debian

The debian distros by default come loaded with gnome desktop, but with the freedom available in linux that does not prevent us from trying other desktop environments on debian.

One of the popular Desktop Environments XFCE, known to run well is lower hardware configurations. (
This can be installed in debian just like installation of any other package.

Open the synaptic package manager search for xcfe4 ( or which ever version is available in the distro) , click on mark for installation and then click on apply.

or Open the terminal and type

Once the installation is done,logout of the the current gnome session.
In the login screen click on the user account for login.

At the bottom center there will be three options, the language, the country and the third the Desktop environment to be used. Click on xcfe and login.
The desktop will boot into the new xfce environment.

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