Enabling the traditional Alt+tab function in gnome3

In gnome3 the default bechiaviour of Alt + Tab is different from the traditional gnome behaviour. In gnome3 on pressing alt tab, it displays all the applications that are open, but if more than one window of the same application is open then all the windows are clubbed together and only the application is displayed.

 photo gnome3_alt_new.png

To choose between the windows of the same application we need to wait on the required application or click on it and all the windows of that application gets displayed, and we can click on the window we want to open.

On the other hand the traditional alt tab swithches from one application to next in the order in which they were last used.

If we are not comfortable with this behaviour than we can make gnome perform like the traditions Alt+ tab as shown below.

Click on the activites tab and select the application Advanced Settings by typing "Advanced Settings" which will open a window as shown below.

 photo advanced.png

On the left of the panel of the Advanced settings selec the option "Shell Extension" which will open the window as shown below.

 photo gnome3_alt_tab.png

Among the options on the right Turn on the option "Alternate Tab Extension"

 photo gnome3_alt_on.png

Now close the advanced settings and the Alt+tab should start working the traditional fashion now.

 photo gnome3_alt_traditional.png

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