Audio/Sound output coming from both speaker and headphones at same time

On installation of a new version of linux it might happen that the audio/sound output keeps coming from the speaker of the laptop even after plugging in a headphone into its socket. The expected behaviour is that when we plug in the headphone, sound should only be coming in the headphone and nothing should be audible from the laptop speakers.

After going over number of possible solutions using available on the net what worked was updating the alsa driver by downloading the latest one from

The default version of driver installed was 1.0.23, but the update one available on the site was 1.0.25.

To solve the above mentioned problem download the latest driver source, compile it and install it using the following commands.

Assume that we have downloaded the driver for version 1.0.25 which has the package name alsa-driver-1.0.25.tar.bz2

Please note that the last step will require root permissions.

Now restart the system and the laptop speaker should get muted automatically on plugging in the headphones.

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