Quiz Solution

Answers to Quiz based on chapter-4 of book linux device drivers 3rd ed

1. Which of the following config options need to be enabled to be able to debug kernel.

2.The first argument passed to printk specifies the
Ans.loglevel for the message to be printed

3.The command that can be used to view the kernel logs from user space is
Ans. dmesg

4. The function create_proc_read_entry returns a pointer to
Ans.struct proc_dir_entry

5.The seq file interface is used for
Ans. Passing kernel information to user space

6. Output of strace shows
Ans. The system calls made by a user application

7. In a kernel oops message EIP points to
Ans. The address of the faulty instruction

8. While using gdb for kernel debugging the kernel core file used passed to gdb is
Ans. /proc/kcore

9.Which of the following keys will launch the kdb
Ans. Pause

10. To use kgdb we need two systems connected by a serial cable
Ans. True

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