Creating jigsaw of image using gimp

Using GIMP any photo can be made to look like a jigsaw puzzle easily. Let us take the following image for an example.

Launch gimp and click on


 photo gimp_open-1.png

Browse to location where the image is stored and open it in gimp.

 photo gimp_jigsaw.png

Now click on


 photo gimp_render_jigsaw.png

The following window will appear.

 photo gimp_jigsaw_options.png

The number of tiles option lets us choose the number of horizontal and vertical divisions that are needed for the image, higher these numbers more the number of jigsaw pieces will appear on the image.

Bevel width allows us to choose the degree of slope of each pieces's edge

Highlight lets us choose how strongly should the pieces appear in the image.

Style of the jigsaw pieces can be set to either square or curved.

Click on OK after setting the required options.

The image should appear as below depending on what values were set in the options.

 photo gimp_tux_jigsaw.jpg

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