Configure and connect tata photon plus in debian 7

The 3G dongle of tata photon+ (Huwaei EC1260) might not work by default in debian 7, and other linux distros. Here is how to get it working.

The first step is to install the packages, if not already installed.

Once the two packages have been installed successfully, next we need to install wvdial

After installing the pakcage, insert the dongle.

Now open a terminal and type the command

We will see an output as below

The fourth line from below recognizes our dongle as the device /dev/ttyUSB0

Next we need to configure the wvdial application to allow it use the dongle to connect to the internet.

For doing this we need to open the wvdial.conf file located in /etc/wvdial.conf

By default the file will look some thing like below

Delete the ";" at the beginning of the lines "Phone","Username", and "Password". and replace the three lines with

Then add the following lines to the file at the end.

The edited wvdial.conf looks as below.

Save the file and close it. Now go back to the terminal and type the command

Now open a browser and start browsing.

Note that before running the command wvdial in the last step, turn off mobile broadband in the gui mode.

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