Answers to linux history quiz

1.In which year was the linux kernel released under GNU GPL license for the first time?

2.The penguin was chosen as the official mascot for linux in

3. The linux foundation is the merger of
Ans. OSDL and Free standards group

4. Which famous computer scientist said this in 1992 "Linux is obsolete"?
Ans. Andrew S. Tanenbaum

5. Linux 1.0 was released in
Ans. 1994

6. When did microsoft first contribute to linux source code ?
Ans. 2009

7. Which of the following is a linux based company and was started in 1994 ?
Ans. Redhat

8. Which of the following companies invested a billion dollars in to linux in the year 2001 ?
Ans. IBM

9. In which year did Linus Torvalds appear on the cover of Business week ?
Ans. 2005

10. Which of the following Linux Desktop environment (GUI) was started in the year 1997 ?

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