Exctrating pages from a pdf document using gimp

Here is how we can use gimp to extract pages from a pdf file. Let us say we have a file named "make.pdf" with around 200 pages in it. If we need to extract the pages 10,11 from it.

We can either use the command line tool "pdftk" as shown in the post " " or we can use gimp as shown below. The big difference between the two being pdftk will extract them as pdf files itself, but gimp will extract them as images.

Launch gimp and click on

Browse to the file to be opened and click on open

Once the file is open ,gimp should launch a window as shown below. The various options available are

range: We can specify the range of pages that we wish to extract. For example if we wish to extract pages from page numbered 20 to 30 we can specify as 20-30. If the pages that we wish to extract are not in a continuous range we specify different page numbers separated by commas for example 2,4,6.

Open page as : The selected pages can be opened in one gimp document as different layers by selecting open pages as layers or we can create a gimp document for every page by selecting open pages as images. When extracting pages from a pdf, opening them as images seems like a better options as we can save each page separately. If we open it as layers then the pages will overlap each other and only the top page will be visible.

Then we can specify the width and height of the extracted pages and what resolution we want the pages to be in.

After specifying the above options as required, click on import.

If we have selected open pages as images, gimp will launch one document of every page extracted from the file as shown below.

We can save each of the documents separately in the desired format by clicking on

Note that the extracted pages will be images and we will be unable to copy any text from the files.

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