There was error copying file to media... error splicing file.

While copying a large file into a pen drive or any other external storage system if you get the error

As shown in the image below.

The error is because FAT filesystem does not seem to support copying files which are too large. So to work around this problem you will have to make the pen drive into a NTFS file system. Which can be done easily using the command mkfs.ntfs

Connect the pendrive and find out the partition number using the command

From the list of partitions, note the partition number of the pen drive that has to be converted to NTFS. Be very careful cause of you use the wrong partition you will loose all the data in it. Let us assume the partition is /dev/sdb1

unmount the partition using umount

Now to convert it to ntfs

Creating NTFS partition might take some time depending on the size of the disk. Once the formatting is done, any file size can be copied into it.

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