Creating letter drop effect using gimp in linux

Here is how we can create the animated effect of letters dropping on to a page, as shown below, using gimp.

Note:This was done using gimp2.6

First to be able to create the effect we need to install the additional gimp package called gimp-gap i.e. in ubuntu based systems run the command

After the installation is done launch gimp and go to

We will see a prompt as shown below.

In the text field enter the text for which the animation has to be created.
The foreground color is the color of the text and the background color is the of the background of the text, we can choose the color we want by clicking on each of them and selecting from the range of colors .

Letter delay field is to specify the delay between the letters appearing in the animation
Word delay is the delay between words in case there are multiple words in the text
Starting size is the size of the font with which the animation will start, the size will slowly decrease with each fram giving the dropping effect
The ending size is the final size of the text.
Frames per letter is the number of frames that you want to use for every letter in the animation. The more the number of frames the more detailed the animation will look.
Click on Ok and wait for gimp to do the magic. Once it is done we should see the following screen.

To check if the animation suits your requirements you can see the preview by going to

The following window will pop up, click the play button on the top left to see the animation.

If satisfied with the result, close the preview window and Click on

Enter the name for the file and add the extension .gif at the end.
In the file types option at the bottom right chose gif.

The prompt will be shown asking for confirmation whether the image should be stored as animation or as a flat image, choose save as animation

If the image size is big,a prompt for cropping the image might appear, choose crop and see if it affects your image or not.

The final prompt will allow to choose whether the animation should loop for ever or not.

The delay between frames can be specified in this has been specified next to layers itself, thus you can leave the default value of delay between frames as it does not affect the animation.

Click on save and the letter drop animation should be ready for use.

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